PEP Talk Program participant

PEP Talk: Diabetes, Healthy Feet and You

A peer-led, self-management educational program on the prevention and management of foot ulcers consists of workshops led by trained volunteer peer leaders (living with diabetes and neuropathy).

It was developed and evaluated as a joint collaboration between the Canadian Association of Wound Care and Public Health Agency of Canada. It’s designed to empower people living with diabetes to adopt self-management behaviours that can help them prevent diabetic foot ulcers and amputations. It is also supported by health-care professionals and uses technology such as a virtual community that connects participants to the diabetes community and electronic reminders for community participants.

The PEP Workshops support the use of self-management and influence positive behaviour change in participants by:

Increasing the knowledge of risk factors for foot ulcers

Standardized resources

Linkages to community resources and programs

Peers play a significant role in the program implementation. They are often selected by community healthcare professionals to receive peer training. The strength the peers bring is their personal experiences, knowledge and healthy attitudes to living with diabetes and its complications. Once trained, the teams work to:

  • Facilitate 2.5 hour workshops.
  • Link community workshop participants to diabetes services focused on foot screening.
  • Empower participants to self-manage daily foot care and footwear.
  • Support health care professionals to market the program in their local communities.
  • Advocate for community space to offer the workshop.
  • Support completion of the evaluations.
  • Attend teleconferences.
  • Access technology to join the portal discussion board.
  • Personally prepare and review materials prior to the workshop.
  • Remain dedicated with a strong commitment to their community team.

Who is Eligible?

The PEP Workshops are FREE to individuals with diabetes and their family members. All participants must pre-register for a workshop. No referral is required.

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