For best results in Chronic Disease Prevention & Management, health workers need new skills for Self-Management Support. Traditional “patient education” is only a start.

To support lifestyle and behaviour change, health service providers need effective communication methods and self-management support tools.

In 2024, NorWest Community Health Centre will be coordinating a workshop for health care clinicians called “Choices & Changes: Clinician Influence and Patient Action.”  The Choices & Changes workshop was developed and licensed by the Institute for Healthcare Communication (copyright 1996, updated 2012). There is no cost to attend Choices & Changes workshops in the North West region.

The “Choices & Changes” workshop facilitators are health care professionals (such as nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, social workers) who graduated from an extensive train-the-trainer course.  Our goal is to continue to deliver these workshops to our regional health care professionals so that they can better help support their patients in self-management.

We also offer Treating Your Patient With CARE Healthcare team members across all specialties and roles face continual pressures and challenges ensuring optimal patient care and satisfaction. The health services literature contains substantial evidence that patients have better health outcomes when good interactions with staff encourage them to adhere to treatment plans and follow up with care. Patient satisfaction is significantly enhanced when staff members communicate effectively with patients.

From the patient’s perspective, every person employed by the healthcare organization contributes to the care experience. Research shows that the perceived competence of hospital staff and their demeanor toward patients have the most profound effect on patients’ satisfaction with care. (Andaleeb, 1998) A rich and growing literature supports the value of patient-centered care and a relationship of trust between team members and patients; in addition, clinicians are increasingly evaluated and compensated based on patient satisfaction

Read the Choices & Changes and Treating Your Patients With CARE training overview below. You can let us know you’re interested by calling 807-626-8480.

Health Care Teams can do a self-assessment on their current level of self-management support using free tools provided at (Diabetes Initiative of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “Primary Care Resources and Supports for Self-Management” tool).

You can also learn about self-management support through an online toolkit, with training modules. Visit to learn more.

Choices and Changes Overview

Choices and Changes – Workshops will return in 2024

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